We all want our goods to be transported fast and in the integrity and safety but, anyway, transportation of any cargo is always connected with a certain risk of its loss or damage.


Within rendering a full complex of forwarding services, our company, in cooperation with large insurance companies, acting as the insurer, provides you services in insurance of the cargo transported by any type of transport, in all directions and at all stages of transportation.

Acting as the beneficiary, you receive compensation of the damage caused to you at a loss occurrence.

Insurance of your cargo is carried out on the most complete conditions of insurance «A» of the London Insurers (Institute cargo clauses) that means «with responsibility for all risks, except» a number of the specified reservations.

The insurance rate is defined depending on a type and the cost of cargo, a route of transportation and some other factors.

Insurance of cargoes during international transportations acts at all stages of delivery: from its loading on the vehicle before unloading at the warehouse of the recipient.

Insurance of international transportations will allow you to feel safe and reassured while tranquility of our clients is above all for us.