Logistics company INTELLOGIE provides all types of services connected with transport logistics, customs clearance and warehousing of cargoes. All above mentioned areas are integral parts of the business of many companies as developing of entrepreneurship under the present circumstances is impossible without a dynamic transportation of cargoes. Increasing growth of trade, active penetration of big foreign retail chains, foreign companies into domestic market and, conversely, entering of Russian manufactures into the international level – all this makes services of the logistics companies highly demanded.

Tasks of our company resolve into three main points:

-         to minimize time of passing of goods from the consignor to the consignee, including the customs clearance;

-         to provide safety of goods;

-         to minimize expenses connected with transportation of goods by offering our clients various options of prices and delivery time;

In other words, our activity is aimed at the increase of profitability of business of our clients due to decreasing of expenses and searching of the best possible options of cargo delivery.


The INTELLOGIE company renders a full range of services in the following areas:

-         customs clearance of cargoes;

-         representation of our clients` interests in supervisory authorities of the Russian Federation;

-         consulting services in the field of foreign economic activity and customs registration;

-         transportation of cargoes;

-         warehousing


Development strategy

The INTELLOGIE company is successfully developing and making plans for the future. We are aimed at continuous development and improvement in the sphere of transport logistics and customs services, striving to reach qualitatively new level of service for our clients and to become the leading company in the sphere of the foreign economic activity in the territory of Russia