Air carriage has a number of considerable advantages and distinctive characteristics in comparison with other types of transportation. First of all, air carriage provides the maximum speed of delivery. It is especially important when transporting perishable goods. Air transportation ensures a high guarantee of safety of goods as the level of security actions at the airports are much higher than, for example, in ports or on the railroad. This is especially important condition for transportation of valuable or very fragile cargoes.


The advantages of the air carriage are the following:

-         the highest speed of delivery

-         high reliability

-         deliveries to difficult-to-reach areas of the world

-         Opportunity to deliver goods almost to any distances

-         High guarantee of cargo safety

-         The most direct routes of transportation


The following points can be considered as disadvantages:

-         High cost of transportation

-         Limited geographical availability

-         Dependence on weather and climatic conditions

-         Rigid schedule of transportations

Despite all the above-mentioned disadvantages, air carriage is a very popular and demanded type of transportation and it is often the only possible way of delivery.